Sports gambling for a living? Is getting big money from betting possible?

If it is possible to get big money from sports gambling and make a living from gambling are questions which likely to bother many punters.

To bring the short answer…

Of course, it is pretty possible to get big money with this idea.

Bookmakersmake money; sports analysts make a living from betting by compiling odds for bookies; some of my own benefit derives from sports gamblers spending this website. Programmers earn a living from betting by improving various gambling applications. Manufacturers of gaming sector make money from people’s betting habits.

I could exactly continue this list as the gambling business is a great industry bringing many, many people with money.

However, this is likely not a satisfactory response for sports lovers who gamble themselves and pursue the dream of supplementing their benefits, or becoming rich from betting one day.

Nevertheless, for these potential punters, the answer is clearly positive as well…

Ok: it is possible to boost long-term profitable sportsbook casino strategies.

Ok: it is possible to find gambling odds which hold value and bring a mathematical edge.

Everything is possible!

The big question is if you will manage to participate in the minority, the little crowd of gambling enthusiasts who finally become successful.

Another question is if you have the patience (and time) for retaining the necessary knowledge to win more than you lose, since only knowledge is power; with no knowledge there is no opportunity.

Reliance on fortunate is not a foundation for lasting success. With luck alone noone can build a house – just a handful of lottery millionaires can claim the opposite.

Successful Sports gambling players – Examples

In September 2016, in “Expert Gambling Advice” website, a young woman named Maria Santonix began publishing horse racing lay gambling. I followed her thread at the time, and I have to say that it came across as very authentic. She published everyday picks (except Saturdays) and in just 303 days, her original bank of $3,000 raised to $100,603.78.

The thread has since been not taken online by the operators of the website, but if you google “Maria Laying System” you will see a plethora of posts mentioning to her experiment. Naturally, doubt breeds skepticism and most of the responses are considerably critical.

It is challenging to find extremely credible information about sports gambling success on the Internet. In the majority of threads you will see statements like I know somebody who knows someone who makes his living from gamble.

The one website I am recently aware of which has published quarterly gambling results for many years is Alan Seymour’s Sports Arbitrage Review. Alan talks about his experiences as a professional arbitrage trader and has been arbing since 2003.

The well-known last words for sports gambling

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