How to use game buttons of great blue free slot and get more money?

Recently, great blue free slot has become the familiar choice of many people. It is an outstanding product of Playtech and now it is becoming more and more popular. If you choose great blue free slot, you will get more than you lose. Because it is a new game with ocean theme which will give you the new experience, the most interesting experience and the chance to own the huge prizes. So I think you should not miss it. Now, in this article, I will give you the necessary information about this game which can help you get more and more money.


What is great blue free slot?

Great blue free slot is a betting game which offers 5 reels and 25 payline video slots. Different from other betting game with familiar theme, great blue free slot has a new theme and that is ocean theme. So, if you choose this game, you will be surprised at what you get. That is a new ocean theme, an excellent graphic and a soothing music, and I am sure, all will bring to you the exciting betting experience, the most authentic betting moments and a sense of the sea. This is a good solution for you to relax and entertain after long working days. Moreover, great blue free slot is a quality product of Playtech which is tested carefully in all elements such as the safety, the quality and the fairness, so it will never trick your money like bad games. Then, I will show you how to use game buttons reasonably and join in more effectively.

How to use the game buttons reasonably in great blue free slot

In great blue free slot, you should pay attention to game buttons such as: Click to Change, Lines, spin, bet Max, bet per Line or Gamble. Each button has certain roles and all of them are important, so if you use them timely and accurately, you can increase your chances of winning.

The first is Click to Change button. Like other betting games, this button will help you change denomination coins. The next button is Lines which will help you change the number of paylines to suit your betting intentions.

The third is Press Bet per Line button. You have to use this button if you want to select the number of coins to bet per line while betting.


The next button is Spin. If you want to spin the reels which you select before, you must click Spin. Then, I want to tell you about Bet Max button because it is a special button which helps you spin 25 reels at 10 coins per line if you click.

The last is Gamble. Gamble is a special round in this betting game and it can help you double your winning. When you click Gamble, you will have the chance to increase your winning or vice versa if unfortunately you will lose all. So think carefully before using Gamble.

Now, let’s join and discover great blue free slot. I think it is the best choice at Malaysia online casino to relax in the summer.


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