About payouts of Highway King Slot

About payouts of Highway King Slot game

Payouts are ranked on the Payable screen. To find the available win amount, the line gamble must be multiplied by the payout.


Both during typical slot and Free Games winning composition on active pay lines pay both directions: from left to right and from right to left. As there are multiple simultaneous wins in either direction, the highest paying winning composition in every direction counts.

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One and the same active pay line can pay twice after a single turn. Nevertheless, 5-of-a-kind wins are paid only once. Left to right winning composition must begin from the leftmost round and the signal have to be consecutive. Right to left winning composition must begin from the rightmost round and the signal have to be consecutive. As more than one active pay line has a winning composition, the winnings are added up in Highway King Slot.

The Scatter signal is an exception to these roles. More information about the Scatter signal can be found below.

Maximum Win Limitation in Highway King Slot

The maximum available win from a single gambling round in the slot is 500 000 EUR/GBP. A gambling round is initiated by a paid turn, and can lead either to a single win or to a series of wins by triggering bonus paying features like Additional and/or Free Games. Should the resulting entire win become greater than 500 000 EUR/GBP, the excess amount will be neglected and the users will get exactly 500 000 EUR/GBP. Maximum payouts will be paid in the currency of your Paddy Power account.

Wild Symbol in Highway King Slot

The Wild symbol occurs just on reels #2, #3 and #4. It can stand for any other signal, but the scatter and additional symbols, to make the best available winning combination.

Wild symbol compositions do not pay separately.

Scatter Symbol

The Scatter symbols do not have to appear on any particular pay line. As there are 3 or more Scatters somewhere on the round after a main game or a Free Games turn, the payout saved is multiplied by the total gamble and added to pay line winnings, if any.

Additional Symbol in Highway King

The extra symbol occurs only on reels #1 and #5. When the bonus symbol appears anywhere on these reels simultaneously after a typical slot or a Free Games turn, the Truck Racing Bonus is triggered.

The Truck Racing Bonus leads directly to the Free Games round.

Truck Racing Bonus for players of Malaysia online casino

The Truck Racing Bonus is triggered by the existence of the extra symbol anywhere on reels #1 and #5 simultaneously during main game or Free Games.

To begin the Truck Racing Bonus, press on Press to Begin.

A screen with 3 trucks appears, each of them standing for the number of Free Games that will follow. Pick one of the vehicles by pressing on the respective arrow, thus winning between 10 and 25 Free Games. As the screens alter and 3 speedways are shown, select 1 of them so that the truck you have previously picked will be able to compete in the truck race which follows. Depending on the place your truck has won at the end of the truck race you are awarded a Free Games spin multiplier between 2 and 5.

After you press Continue, the Free Games round starts in Highway King Slot.

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